Toyota S-FR Racing Concept

Toyota S-FR Racing Concept is an upgrade of already sporty concept from last year. With this model Toyota continues to drain maximum performance out its lightweight roadsters. The idea behind this project might be to attract younger drivers to Toyota’s fun club.

toyota s-fr concept review

Toyota S-FR Racing Concept Exterior, Changes and Design

The dimensions of exterior have been altered when compared to the original concept and now the S-FR Racing concept is 110 mm longer, 40 mm wider, and 50 mm lower than the original one. This slightly stretched body gives more aggressive look to the design of S-FR concept. Further, improved aerodynamics obviously suggests that it is meant to be driven on a race track.

toyota s-fr racing concept changes

Other changes include: revised front fascia, a vented hood, side skirts, and a stiffer suspension. Slightly neutral rear spoiler is attached on the back of the car, supported by the improved ride height and body dimensions contributes to better cornering of S-FR Racing concept.

Toyota S-FR Racing Concept Dimensions (mm)
Length 4,100
Width 1,735
Height 1,270
Wheelbase 2,480

Toyota S-FR Racing Concept Interior

Details about Toyota S-FR Racing Concept interior are unknown, but presumably it will resemble cars exterior, with sporty look, and racing bucket seats. Who knows? Maybe constructors even find a space to install roll-bars and similar racing gear. On the other hand, they might go even further, and leave bear metal, with just basic instruments and commands, to save on a vehicle’s weight and gain on overall speed and handling. Until we find out more details about the Toyota S-FR Racing Concept interior here’s a reminder on how interior of the original concept looks like.

toyota s-fr concept interior

Toyota S-FR Racing Concept Engine Specs

Not much is known about engine which will be installed in S-FR Racing Concept. Rumors about specs of the powertrain are that something similar to GT 86 with 1.5 liter 130 horsepower engine could be expected. That said, transmission might be six-speed manual, as in regular concept.

toyota s-fr racing concept

Toyota S-FR Racing Concept Release Date and Price

Unveiling of this model is announced for the Tokyo Motor Show, which is planned for 15-17th January 2016. That is a good occasion for journalists and drivers to take a better look of a car in live.

toyota s-fr racing concept

As this is a concept car, it is highly unlikely that its price will be known soon. But some of solutions presented on this model, might enter serial production, and continue their existence on other models of Toyota.

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