“Tesla autopilot tried to kill me!”[Video]

As he points out on his YouTube channel, RockTreeStar is a proud owner of 2015 Tesla SP90D, which he purchased with all available options. He is a huge fan of Tesla and owns a large trunk of their stocks.

However, all this didn’t help him in following in-car warning that he should keep hands on the wheel. Instead, he was making a video with his phone.

As he points out, after his car received the 7.0 update, he was anxious to try out Tesla Autopilot. After a few seconds of successful autopilot driving, the car his Tesla followed drifted off and shortly after that, another car was approaching – but from opposite direction! RockTreeStar’s Tesla started to drift into the opposite lane and almost collided head-on with incoming car.

Luckily, at the last moment he dropped his phone, grabbed the steering wheel, and avoided terrible crash.

Before we blame Tesla, we would rather say that this was not proper use of the technology, which was meant for straight road and less traffic. As pointed out by the manufacturer, Tesla Autopilot is still in its beta phase, and drivers still must take responsibility of safe driving.

Another “incident” with Tesla Autopilot – Speeding ticket:

Fully autonomous driving, by the words of Elon Musk, should be completed in about three years.

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