All 2016 Super Bowl Car Commercials

This time of year is usually associated with one particular sport show. We’re talking about Super Bowl, which is celebrating its 50-the anniversary. Apart from being known as one of the most viewed sport manifestations (beside Olympic games), it is also famous by its very expensive and entertaining commercial program.

2016 super bowl car commercials

Among many companies that advertise their products and services during half-time of the “Big-game”, are also car manufacturers. Therefore we chose some of 2016 Super Bowl car commercials, featuring latest models from automotive industry. In non particular order, here are some them.

Japanese manufacturer Accura promoted its 2017 NSX supercar in this original video.

In the next commercial, take a look at a response of retired astronaut when he sees brand new 2017 Audi R8 and gets a chance to drive a single lap.

Honda, on the other hand is advertising 2016 Honda Ridgeline. It has been completely redesigned, and now it appears to be some kind of a hybrid between truck and a crossover.

To attract ladies attention Hyundai employed Ryan Reynolds, to act in theirs latest commercial. If you are eager to see what happened when two girls enter imaginary place called Ryanville, than click on a video below. But ladies, pay attention to all new 2017 Hyundai Elantra, as well 🙂

Another actor is appearing in a commercial but this time for rivaling brand. Christopher Walken is promoting new 2016 Kia Optima. In this video we can see why Optima is so special, and how did the gentleman from the commercial respond upon entering to “Walken closet”.

Following this trend, Mini also decided to employ few celebrities of its own. In their video called “Defy Labels” tennis player Serena Williams, actor Harvey Keitel, skateboard legend Tony Hawk, and rapper T-Pain are talking about the new Mini Clubman.

Although is considered to be dull and boring, Toyota is trying to explain buyers why Prius is so special, with this entertaining video. They even created a catchy wicked tune for this ad.

These were some of commercials featuring the latest car models, which were broadcasted during the 2016 Super Bowl. We already wrote about some of them, but soon we will include other models in our reviews.

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