2016 Toyota Mirai Review, Specs, Price, Interior, Release date

Zero-emission 2016 Toyota Mirai brings future to the automotive industry. Toyota also announced large campaign in order to expand the market of cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells. The new Mirai will be available only in areas with refueling locations, but Toyota announced the building of 12 additional hydrogen stations with the help of “Air Liquide”.

2016 Toyota Mirai specs

2016 Toyota Mirai Exterior Review

If nothing else, 2016 Toyota Mirai looks very unique from the outside. It bears its own recognizable signature, which makes it stand out among other models. It may not be the prettiest car you have ever seen because it has nice lines, but somehow not on right places.

2016 Toyota Mirai review

On the front it looks very aggressive with sharp headlights and necessarily massive air intakes. Around back the new Mirai shows lots of character with nicely designed taillights and there is no doubt that rear lights silhouette will look amazing in the dark.

toyota mirai specs

2016 Toyota Mirai Interior

The 2016 Toyota Mirai interior also looks very unique and bold. The cabin is dominated with piano black plastic and lots of details. Dash looks like an art-piece with asymmetrical curves and Entune system on top. GPS system which is included in Entune will inform the driver about nearby refueling stations.

2016 Toyota Mirai interior

2016 Toyota Mirai Engine – HP, 0-60

Now lets get onto the most important feature of 2016 Toyota Mirai. The engine generates electric power from a reaction between outside oxygen and hydrogen and its only emission is water vapor. It produces 153 horsepower, and it takes nine seconds to develop 0-60 miles per hour.

2016 Toyota Mirai engine hp 0-60

Just in case of nuclear apocalypse or any other nasty thing which can bring to electric power shortage, you can use your Mirai as a generator to power your house for a week. Useful innit?

toyota mirai price

2016 Toyota Mirai Price and Release Date

The starting price of 2016 Toyota Mirai is $57,500 but with federal incentives it can go down to $45,000. Along with all goodies inside the vehicle, the buyer will have three years of complimentary hydrogen fuel and 24/7 concierge service.

toyota mirai 2016

Check out “Back to the Future” ad for Mirai with Doc and Marty.

Sales are expected to start in the second half of 2015 in California (available for orders) and the first half of 2016 in other states, depending of fueling infrastructure. The manufacturer expects 3,000 sold units in the US till the end of 2017. Sales in Japan already started back in September 2014, in EU sales are planned to start in September 2015. The price of the Toyota Mirai in Germany starts at 60,000 euros, which is around $75,000 (without taxes).

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