2016 Honda S660 Review, Price, Specs and Photos

The all-new 2016 Honda S660 belongs to kei car category – a category of Japanese small vehicles which were made to comply Japanese taxes and insurance regulations. The new Honda S660 is not powerful model, it’s quite opposite. However, it brings a very nice design and lots of fun.

honda s660 price

2016 Honda S660 Engine

Being in kei car category should say enough about the power of this model. Under the bonnet of 2016 Honda S660 a turbocharged 0.66 liter 3-cylinder engine which makes 63 horsepower and 77 lb-ft of torque. The engine is paired with a six speed manual transmission or with optional Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with 7 speed paddle shifter. The manufacturer hopes that this choice between transmissions will attract a wider range of customers, promising at the same time very nice and fun driving experience.

2016 honda s660 review

With the optimal 45-55 front-rear weight balance, the new Honda S660 is designed to provide stabile ride by minimizing inertia and improving traction performance. Although the engine is not so powerful, it is designed to make roaring sound of Honda.

Critics were very favorable when this car was announced and according to Top Gear review, the car shown itself as very maneuverable but it (obviously) lacked power.

2016 Honda S660 Interior and Exterior

The exterior of the new Honda S660 will be available in six colors: Premium Star White Pearl, Premium Mystic Night Pearl, Admiral Gray Metallic, Premium Beach Blue Pearl, Carnival Yellow II and Flame Red.

2016 honda s660 colors

Overall, we can say that the looks are the main card on which this Honda car will play. It is very sporty designed and someone might easily mistake it for a more powerful car thanks to air intakes on the front and a huge exhaust around back. Its lightweight detachable roof is called “roll-top” and it doesn’t bring much of an increase in overall weight.

honda s660 specs


The 2016 Honda S660 interior is also very sporty and it goes along with the car’s main feature – maneuverability. The driving position and the location of the pedals are similar to the ones on go-kart. Furthermore, the new Honda S660 features the smallest steering wheel in diameter (350mm) among all Hondas on the market, and it comes with a fully automatic air-conditioning.

2016 honda s660 interior

honda s660 interior

2016 Honda S660 Price

The price of the 2016 Honda S660 with the six speed manual is around $16,500 or more specifically 1,980,000 Yen. There are no news regarding availability on other markets, but rumors around the Web are that if it comes abroad the price could go up and more powerful engine will be available. UPDATE: According to the latest rumors, the car might be offered in the US.

s660 review

Overall, we can say that the new Honda S660 is a very decent car despite its lack of power. It hits all the spots it’s designed for and all the details we mentioned here point out that this might be a perfect vehicle for younger customers.

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